2019 has been another great year for KMHS, with students engaged in a wide variety of experiences to support their learning.

Our partnership with P-Tech/IBM and Borg Industries, sees us developing pathways for engineering studies and we have complemented this with Stage 5 Engineering Studies commencing in 2020 and pathways for computer programming/coding. Breaking away from traditional models of study, 2020 will see selected students following a pattern of study, directly related to their needs.

We have not neglected the importance of developing global citizens either and have partnered with High Resolves over the next two years to develop skills in leadership and social consciousness.

Enrolments are still open for these pathway programs. If your child’s experience is just go to school and then think about what next, you might want to inquire about the more focused, integrated approach occurring in these programs.

Have a happy and safe holiday period and we will be back next year to share what’s happening.​