Collegial Associations Strengthen Community Relationships

Collegial partnerships are alive and well on the Central Coast, with supportive relationships being formed between three companies – One Direct Advisory, Kariong Neighbourhood Centre and Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

 One Direct Advisory has worked with the management teams in both companies to help improve the management systems and strategic direction. Working as part of the Kariong Neighbourhood Centre team, One Direct Advisory used their skill and expertise in a range of areas, resulting in a significant financial and operational turnaround for the community based association.

Shayne Silvers, General Manager of Kariong Neighbourhood Centre, welcomed the guidance of the specialised advisory team.

“Working as part of our team, One Direct Advisory supported our Centre in both financial and operational areas resulting in a positive change,” she said.

“We are grateful for the collegial partnerships we have formed with both One Direct Advisory and Meals on Wheels Central Coast. “It’s encouraging to see businesses working together for the greater good of the community on the Central Coast. “ Ms Silvers said.