Current best practice teaching in our classrooms is only a part of the recipe for success. Wellbeing/health has to also be at the front and centre of success and it is in this space, that although school plays an important role, it is parents who lead the way. Two important aspects of good health that parents can monitor/influence to help improve success at school are:

· Nutrition – healthy bodies, healthy minds (we have a healthy canteen strategy, but a number of students come to school with soft drinks and snacks from stopping off at the shops in the morning).

· Sleep – teenagers should get about 9 hours of sleep a night (i.e. asleep, not just in their bedroom).

Naturally, being active is also a key aspect and again we can both facilitate this. For example, through organising play and sport programs at school and at home, or through scheduling time away from electronic devices.

Educating students at school goes hand in hand with educating children in families. They are not two discrete parts of a child’s life and the best outcomes are achieved with working together. Thank you to all the families with whom we have this great connection.