Welcome to all the Kariong Community for 2020!

The Kariong Neighbourhood Centre remains a dynamic and responsive organisation which delivers a broad range of groups, services, programs and activities to the Kariong Community.  A couple of those services I want to remind you of are the Family Worker and Family Law Solicitor.

In 2020 the Centre will continue to build a strong resilient community which values and includes each member.

Everyone needs some support from time to time.  If you are struggling, experiencing vulnerabilities or finding the going tough with just managing the pressures of modern life and bringing up a family, we have a Family Worker from the Benevolent Society who will be visiting the Centre on a Monday who is able to help.

You may just want some advice or something more serious is troubling you.  No matter what the situation, please call the office to make an appointment if you would like to meet and speak with Katherine.  Some of the things that might be worrying you might include:

  • Feelings of isolation or loneliness a lot of the time
  • Finding it tough looking after your children
  • Is someone in your family being violent or abusive to you or your children?
  • Are you or your children sad and unhappy a lot of the time?
  • Are you worried that someone in your family might hurt your children?
  • Are you worried that when you baby is born you won’t be able to cope?
  • Is someone in your family shouting and arguing a lot of the time?

If you need legal assistance we also have a Family Law solicitor Katie who can help.   Katie is available for Monday evening appointments only, however to meet with Katie you will need to phone the office first to arrange for an appointment to me made.

Shayne Silvers
General Manager, KNC