Friendly, Caring, Safe and Connected Communities.

  • Continuous Improvement– KNC is committed to ongoing reviews and advancement of Staff and every aspect of its business.
  • Reliable & Safe– KNC aims to provide an environment that is comfortable, protected and assured for all stakeholders.
  • Community Leadership– KNC offers its communities–knowledge, assistance and direction.
  • High Quality Services– KNC aims to achieve success with every accreditation and measurement standard.
  • Strategy A: Governance & Risk Management
    KNC relies on good governance by Directors, through policies and procedures that support personnel, services and communities.
  • Strategy B: People & Culture
    KNC seeks to have Staff and volunteers with commitment, skills and resources and who are passionate about meeting the needs of clients and the communities it serves.
  • Strategy C: Communities and Services
    KNC seeks to achieve the highest recognised standards and reputation possible for a community-based organisation and for delivering sustainable, quality services to its communities.