Meet Our Team

KNC Our Team Fiona

Fiona Simpson

KNC Our Team Gay

Gay Peters

KNC Our Team Kurt

Kurt Melville
Bookkeeper Assistant

KNC Our Team Nguyen

Nguyen Nguyen

KNC Our Team Debbie

Debbie Burgis

Marina Bosworth
OOSH Nominated Supervisor

Jacquelynn Pearson
OOSH Nominated Supervisor

KNC Our Team Sandy

Sandra Taylor
OOSH Responsible Person

KNC Our Team La

Lavenia Crane
OOSH Responsible Person

KNC Our Team Bek

Bek Williams
OOSH Responsible Person

KNC Our Team Caterina

Caterina Barbaro
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Anita

Anita Beach
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Rachal

Rachel McAndrew
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Jessie-Lee

Jessie-Lee Stewart
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Sue

Susana Sposito
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Alanna

Alanna Kellendonk
OOSH Educator

KNC Our Team Natalie

Natalie Dewar
OOSH Educator

Charlotte Zorro
OOSH Educator – Vacation Care Only

KNC Our Team Tamara

Tamara Rhodes
OOSH Educator- Vacation Care Only

KNC Our Team Lyn

Lynette Mar
Little Big School/ Active Playgroup


In addition to paid staff, we could not operate without our dedicated group of volunteers. We currently have 21 volunteers who contribute many skills and have set roles within Kariong Neighbourhood Centre. We can assist them to gain new skills and provide references that may lead to employment at Kariong Neighbourhood Centre.